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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Gayle Lynds

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: Welcome to New England, Gayle Lynds! I knew she was a long time California girl, so I was surprised and delighted to hear she’d moved to town. “Town” meaning Maine, but we’re SinCNE, so hey, we need … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Guest Farmer JD

Cam Flaherty here. I’m pretty busy with spring planting, so I’ve invited several farmers, both real and fictional, to help me out with these posts. We have a special guest today, a young man who helps manage a local organic farm … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Deadheading

Deadheading. That sounds pretty mysterious. Does your murder story include chopping someone’s head off? Or feature a zombie with a dead head, whatever that would be? We’re not talking about following a laid back folk-rock band, either. But no, deadheading is … Continue reading

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OMG These Authors Are at Crime Bake! — “High School Murder” Rocks!!

I dream of being a mystery author who “only” has to write for a living — in reality, I’m part of the majority who instead have “paid work” that has to get done on time, with writing (my passion!) fitting … Continue reading

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Sleepy Hollow – New TV show

With the fall season, comes new TV shows. Have you checked out Sleepy Hollow on Fox? The premise is that Ichabod Crane awakens after 150 years and finds himself, and his foe, The Headless Horseman, still in the creepy town … Continue reading

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YA Mysteries: Not for the Kid You Used to Be

Last month an author moving from science fiction into his first explicitly “YA” (young adult) mystery explained his approach to me this way: “I’m writing the book I would have liked to read when I was ten years old.” Luckily … Continue reading

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Steering Action Through Scene and Sequel

Lately I’ve been struggling to figure out how to improve the pacing of my scenes.  Enter the SinCNE-sponsored online class taught by Mary Buckham. The class covers much more than scene pacing, but scene pacing has stymied me for a … Continue reading

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