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Boston Book Festival: Author Arlene Kay Weighs In

The Boston Book Festival, a virtual paradise for readers, writers, and the intellectually curious celebrates the power of the written word to entertain, educate and transform lives. Copley Square comes alive as throngs of book lovers attend seminars, sample different … Continue reading


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The Beauty of Imperfection

Perfection doesn’t breed creativity. Raise your hand if you were raised by a parent who was a perfectionist. OK, now raise your hand if you had an older adult in your life sometime in your childhood who was a perfectionist: … Continue reading

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What a Capsule Wardrobe Taught me About Writing

In a recent post on my site, I talked about writing simply and how changes in my real life (exploring minimalism) caused changes in my writing and editing. About a year ago I started to follow blogs like Becoming Minimalist … Continue reading

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Writing Time and an Open Mind

Last week I had the pleasure to teach at the Burlington Writers Workshop, a very cool nonprofit organization in Vermont which helps writers to grow in the craft. My workshop title was, “Writing a Novel in 15 Minutes.” I have … Continue reading

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What do YOU Need as a Writer?

Attending writing-related events proves fruitful in more ways than one. In addition to spending time with like-minded, creative people, you also learn more about the struggles and challenges that writers face. Do any of these sound familiar? The un-published author who … Continue reading

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Writers at Work: Hank Phillippi Ryan Welcomes Clea Simon

  HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: I just finished my thousand words for the day—yay—and I cannot being to tell you what a struggle it was. Every second, my monkey brain was suggesting I do something else. Check your email! Someone might … Continue reading

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Writers at Work: Hank Phillippi Ryan Welcomes Rosemary Harris

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: Rosemary Harris is the most adventurous person I have ever met. She’s—brave, in every way. She’s just as happy to be kayaking down the Dangeroso River (I made that up) as she is at the gala opening … Continue reading

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SinC New England Mystery Photo of the Week! March 17, 2014.

Thanks to Maureen “Mo” Walsh, Sisters in Crime New England has a stash of photos — some of which have become true mysteries with time! Here’s one from Mo’s collection; can you name the event, guess the date, or name … Continue reading

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Writers at Work: Hank Phillippi Ryan Welcomes Kathy Lynn Emerson

Hank Phillippi Ryan: Yes–it’s interview day! And more of those in-depth discussions with your favorite authors are in the works. (Who would you like to hear from? What would you like to hear about?) But I’ve been thinking. What makes an author successful? What are the … Continue reading

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Hank Phillippi Ryan Interviews … JULIA SPENCER-FLEMING

Hank Phillippi Ryan:  I just came from giving a keynote at Sleuthfest, and I said, among other things!, mystery conventions are places where  300 people who’d rather be by themselves are forced to come together and actually TALK to each … Continue reading

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