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Overheard at Crime Bake

Our annual Crime Bake conference was just over a week ago, and we’re missing it already. We thought it would be fun to share a few highlights from the conversations, for those of you who missed it. And, so we can relive the … Continue reading

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On Marketing One’s Book: A Dialogue

Ahh, the dreaded “m” word: Marketing. For many authors and other self-employed artists, the word creates a feeling bordering on disgust. It might bring to mind pictures of overweight men in polyester suits, hair slicked back, hand out, shark-smile in … Continue reading

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Online Networking for the Social Media Perplexed

Between Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, FourSquare and GooglePlus when is a writer supposed to, well, write? Whether you’re a Twitter quitter or a reformed Facebook addict (Candy Crush anyone?), there is a way to approach social networking to … Continue reading

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The Road to “Writes of Passage”

The Road to Writes of Passage by Hank Phillippi Ryan You have to picture us at Malice—you might have seen us! Not this year, but last. Beth Wasson and Elaine Will Sparber and me sitting at one of those little … Continue reading

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Goals: Set or Forget?

Are you a goal-setter or a goal-hater? Some people thrive on goals: clearly mapping out their short, mid and long-term goals for the next decade. Others like to let things happen without a lot of planning. There’s a plethora of information … Continue reading

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Frugality, Simplifying Life & Writing

Don’t believe everything you read. If I practiced the title of this post perfectly, I’m sure I’d still have a lot to learn about all three topics: frugality, simplifying life and writing. But incorporating frugal and simple living into one’s … Continue reading

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Writers at Work: Hank Phillippi Ryan Welcomes Clea Simon

  HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: I just finished my thousand words for the day—yay—and I cannot being to tell you what a struggle it was. Every second, my monkey brain was suggesting I do something else. Check your email! Someone might … Continue reading

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PlotShots: What’s the Mystery?

Take Your Best… This week, Sisters in Crime New England challenges you with Mo Walsh’s latest creation: PlotShots: Take the writing prompt below and give us your best shot at writing a compelling crime story in 200 words or less! … Continue reading

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Getting a Grip on Gripping Characters: YA Mystery Writing

You know that expression, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears?” I’ve been told it’s from Zen buddhism, but it’s also very much current. I’ve found another side to it as a writer: When I’m ready to learn something, … Continue reading

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Writers at Work: Hank Phillippi Ryan Welcomes Kathy Lynn Emerson

Hank Phillippi Ryan: Yes–it’s interview day! And more of those in-depth discussions with your favorite authors are in the works. (Who would you like to hear from? What would you like to hear about?) But I’ve been thinking. What makes an author successful? What are the … Continue reading

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