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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Barbara Ross

Hank Phillippi Ryan: When Barbara Ross and I met, we didn’t know we were meeting. (She’s laughing right now, because she knows this story. And it is a GREAT one.) It was a million years ago… well, seriously, only fifteen. … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Checking out CSAs and Presses

Cam Flaherty, here. I’m going co-post with my author today. I have something to say about farm-share programs, CSAs. She has something to say about publishers. Ready? Cam: I read an article today about a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in … Continue reading

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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Kate Flora

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: if there is a photo of when I met Kate Flora it certainly was taken with an actual camera, not a cell phone. Because that’s how long ago it was. Not that long ago in real years, … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: a Fan Club!

Cam Flaherty here. Guess what I found out today? I have a fan club! I hope you’ll stop by my author’s group blog today and see what some other New England authors think of me. They created the fan club to celebrate … Continue reading

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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Hallie Ephron

  Hank Phillippi Ryan: I think the very first real person other than my agent/husband/editor to really read my very first book, Prime Time, was Hallie Ephron. She’s not only an award-winning novelist and non-fiction author, she’s also the crime … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Guest Farmer JD

Cam Flaherty here. I’m pretty busy with spring planting, so I’ve invited several farmers, both real and fictional, to help me out with these posts. We have a special guest today, a young man who helps manage a local organic farm … Continue reading

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Author Events: To Do or Not to Do, That is Today’s Question

Ever have an experience like this? You hurriedly finish work just in time to scramble around in the kitchen making a quick dinner, inhale it while wondering if everything is packed in your “author bag/box/container” and then throw kisses over … Continue reading

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