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Cam’s Gardening Tips: a Fan Club!

Cam Flaherty here. Guess what I found out today? I have a fan club! I hope you’ll stop by my author’s group blog today and see what some other New England authors think of me. They created the fan club to celebrate … Continue reading

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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Hallie Ephron

  Hank Phillippi Ryan: I think the very first real person other than my agent/husband/editor to really read my very first book, Prime Time, was Hallie Ephron. She’s not only an award-winning novelist and non-fiction author, she’s also the crime … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Guest Farmer JD

Cam Flaherty here. I’m pretty busy with spring planting, so I’ve invited several farmers, both real and fictional, to help me out with these posts. We have a special guest today, a young man who helps manage a local organic farm … Continue reading

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Author Events: To Do or Not to Do, That is Today’s Question

Ever have an experience like this? You hurriedly finish work just in time to scramble around in the kitchen making a quick dinner, inhale it while wondering if everything is packed in your “author bag/box/container” and then throw kisses over … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Weeding

Cam Flaherty here. In New England, weeds are popping up as fast as the leaves are unfurling, now that freezing temperatures are in our past and the days are long and sunny. I like to keep on top of weeds. … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Deadheading

Deadheading. That sounds pretty mysterious. Does your murder story include chopping someone’s head off? Or feature a zombie with a dead head, whatever that would be? We’re not talking about following a laid back folk-rock band, either. But no, deadheading is … Continue reading

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Cam’s Garden Tips: Cold-Hardy Plants

Cam Flaherty here. What can you plant before the frost-free date? Which vegetables don’t mind some cold weather? Think greens. Think onions. Think peas. When your soil dries out a bit, direct seed salad greens and lettuces after you have … Continue reading

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Cam’s Garden Tips: Poisonous Plants

Cam Flaherty here. By popular request, we’re talking plants in your garden you definitely do not want to eat. Or, if you’re a mystery writer, the ones you might want to slip into your victim’s tea. One of my author … Continue reading

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Frugality, Simplifying Life & Writing

Don’t believe everything you read. If I practiced the title of this post perfectly, I’m sure I’d still have a lot to learn about all three topics: frugality, simplifying life and writing. But incorporating frugal and simple living into one’s … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Garden

Cam Flaherty, here. It’s New England, it’s April, and the ground is still half frozen. You didn’t get the peas planted on St. Patrick’s Day and you can’t for a while yet. Working wet soil destroys its natural structure and … Continue reading

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