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Writing Time and an Open Mind

Last week I had the pleasure to teach at the Burlington Writers Workshop, a very cool nonprofit organization in Vermont which helps writers to grow in the craft. My workshop title was, “Writing a Novel in 15 Minutes.” I have … Continue reading

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What do YOU Need as a Writer?

Attending writing-related events proves fruitful in more ways than one. In addition to spending time with like-minded, creative people, you also learn more about the struggles and challenges that writers face. Do any of these sound familiar? The un-published author who … Continue reading


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On Marketing One’s Book: A Dialogue

Ahh, the dreaded “m” word: Marketing. For many authors and other self-employed artists, the word creates a feeling bordering on disgust. It might bring to mind pictures of overweight men in polyester suits, hair slicked back, hand out, shark-smile in … Continue reading

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Creative Crop Circles–ala Joni Mitchell

Yesterday I was riding in the car and heard the most interesting idea: creative crop circles. There was a blurb on the radio and the phrase, coined by singer/artist/writer Joni Mitchell, is her definition of working creatively. When she feels … Continue reading

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Online Networking for the Social Media Perplexed

Between Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, FourSquare and GooglePlus when is a writer supposed to, well, write? Whether you’re a Twitter quitter or a reformed Facebook addict (Candy Crush anyone?), there is a way to approach social networking to … Continue reading

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Goals: Set or Forget?

Are you a goal-setter or a goal-hater? Some people thrive on goals: clearly mapping out their short, mid and long-term goals for the next decade. Others like to let things happen without a lot of planning. There’s a plethora of information … Continue reading

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What Authors Can Learn from KISS (Yes, that KISS)

The Molson Centre in Montreal on June 27th, 2000, was chilly, loud and dark. After spending nearly an hour in the hot sun on Rene Levesque Boulevard, it was hard to see inside the cavernous auditorium. I kept my boyfriend’s … Continue reading

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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Barbara Ross

Hank Phillippi Ryan: When Barbara Ross and I met, we didn’t know we were meeting. (She’s laughing right now, because she knows this story. And it is a GREAT one.) It was a million years ago… well, seriously, only fifteen. … Continue reading

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Cam’s Gardening Tips: Checking out CSAs and Presses

Cam Flaherty, here. I’m going co-post with my author today. I have something to say about farm-share programs, CSAs. She has something to say about publishers. Ready? Cam: I read an article today about a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in … Continue reading

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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Kate Flora

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: if there is a photo of when I met Kate Flora it certainly was taken with an actual camera, not a cell phone. Because that’s how long ago it was. Not that long ago in real years, … Continue reading

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