Great Summer Reads

What’s in your TBR pile this summer?

Ah, summertime: the hallowed period of four short months (for us northerners) when the sun shines merrily, the sky is blue and the world is verdant green. It’s the perfect time of year to do lots of things: travel, host backyard barbeques, garden, and of course, read.


Having just finished an excellent book for this month’s book club, I’m at a loss at what to begin reading next. I start by trolling Goodreads, looking in my list of “Recommended Reads.” Jotting down some titles, I stop by the library later in the afternoon and peruse the shelves. None of the books I’m looking for are there … but wait. What’s this? And this? Shiny, plastic-wrapped hardback covers call to me, “pick me! pick me!”

So I do. Three titles, all equally interesting looking, none of which I’d heard of before entering the cool stacks. Will one be The Summer Read? Will they be duds? Will I be back tomorrow, trying again to find that July just-right-for-me book?

What are you reading this summer? What is your favorite summer read of all time?

J.P. Choquette reads (not enough in her opinion), writes, and enjoys long walks and chocolate in any form from her home in upstate Vermont. She’s currently reading, Wicked Autumn, by G.M. Malliet, and hoping that it will be The Summer Read of 2015.

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  1. Lots of reviewing to do! It often makes me want to re-read earlier work by an author. This summer, that applies totally to books by Anna Loan-Wilsey and Lisa Brackmann. Also really enjoyed the new Peter Lovesey that just came out, as well as Lucy Burdette’s summer foodie mystery! See (more soon!).

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