What do YOU Need as a Writer?

Attending writing-related events proves fruitful in more ways than one. In addition to spending time with like-minded, creative people, you also learn more about the struggles and challenges that writers face.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The un-published author who is feeling frustrated with the agent querying process.
  • A self-published author lamenting the cost of good cover designers/editors/marketing help.
  • The at-home parent/writer squeezing in a little time each day to write.
  • A newly retired poet who finally has time to focus on his work … but never gets around to it.
Don't let lack of time leave you uninspired ... as it does Mr. Magoo.

Don’t let lack of time leave you uninspired … as it does Mr. Magoo.

Writers who subscribe to my newsletter know that the focus this month is on nurturing yourself. Making the time and space needed to really treat yourself well and refill that sometimes drastically overdrawn creative side. Why? Because you deserve it as a human being. And because it will help you get into a good writing place eventually. Perhaps you’ll even feel charged up enough to try a writing-related challenge?

Comments from readers tell me that TIME is a challenge. Whether we’re working full-time jobs and squeezing writing in on the side, or writing full-time but never having enough oomph left for our creative writing work—time is a big issue. Note: I loved Beth’s recent insight into this new media forum. I can see Medium being hugely popular as more and more of us read hurriedly online.

Besides time, what else do you struggle with as a writer? Do you find it hard to come up with ideas, get through the second half of a manuscript or do you get distracted during writing time?

If a genie appeared right now and could grant you two writing wishes—and “become an overnight bestseller” wasn’t one of the choices—what would you choose?

J.P. Choquette lives, works and nurtures herself in Vermont. Want an ongoing dose of writer-ly inspiration and motivation? Sign up for her newsletter

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3 Responses to What do YOU Need as a Writer?

  1. Time, for sure — I would choose an extra hour available each day. But what I see more and more clearly is, the only person who can make that hour available is me, through how I discipline the rest of my time use. If only we could all learn this important skill a bit sooner, and practice it more often! But I am slowly making progress. Thanks, J.P., for pointing out once again that whether we “get around to” writing is entirely in our own hands.

    • jpchoquette says:

      Progress is the best practice, Beth, and much, much better than attempting perfection. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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