Sisters in Crime Embraces the New Hampshire Women’s Expo


Here’s a glimpse of the SinC New England team before the crowd flooded the Women’s Expo at the Radisson in Manchester, NH, this morning. We look organized and creative, right? Ready, set, let’s talk to everyone about SinC and the 2015 New England Crime Bake (first weekend of November, 3 days of bliss).

Trust me, after we packed twice as many authors into the booth and then were surrounded by a moving flood of hundreds of women, some with baby strollers, some taking writing classes in their 70s, some in suits, some in fab T-shirts, some with multiple piercings, some carrying roses, some carrying goodie-bags of handouts … it got a lot more interesting!

And adventurous (SincNE’s first time at this expo). And mysterious (how DID we fit that many people into the booth and all keep talking?). And delightful (want to see all the things I brought home as leads for future stories or presentations?).

Pres. Sharon Daynard, this was a GOOD idea!

Oh yes: Here’s the kind of exhibit you’d only see at an expo like this … encouraging the fight against breast cancer, and designed by a local (auto) body shop. Don’t you wish you were there? How about next year? We’ve got to try this one again!Women's-Expo-Mar2015

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My life is always a three-strand braid: love for Vermont, love of reading, and the need to write (and write better and better). Come visit and chat at any of my blogs and posts -- there's a big wonderful world of writing and reading, and we're in it together.
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  1. mizmaxgordon says:

    Reblogged this on Max Gordon | mizmaxgordon and commented:
    I couldn’t attend the Women’s Expo in Manchester, NH, yesterday, but a copy of Live Free or Die went in my place…to be raffled off. Thanks to the Sisters who were on the (crime) scene to pack the booth; it’s a mystery to me how you find the time…

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