Online Networking for the Social Media Perplexed

nameBetween Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, FourSquare and GooglePlus when is a writer supposed to, well, write?

Whether you’re a Twitter quitter or a reformed Facebook addict (Candy Crush anyone?), there is a way to approach social networking to get the most out of it in the least amount of time.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how so I can’t share any great tips with you.

No, sadly, I’m one of the writers perplexed by the intricacy and fast pace of social networking sites. No sooner do I (think) I’ve figured out tagging photos on Facebook then I find that everyone under the age of forty is leaving for something brighter and shinier. This new site will (of course) require me to learn a whole different set of rules and guidelines and processes and practically another language in order to use it.

Meanwhile our manuscripts herky-jerk behind us as we rush from one social networking platform to another. We can’t let our feeds get stale! People may forget about us. And seeing as most authors on Twitter remind us hourly that they are a) authors and b) have this #fabulous #book out, we too, must keep posting. We must keep up. Sometimes it feels like all of this marketing ourselves has turned us into a nation of five year-olds yelling, “Look at me! Look what I made!”

While I certainly don’t have any advice for specific social networking sites to use or even how to use them, I do have this one bit of advice: choose something you actually LIKE to do.

I have been a member of Goodreads for years and I’m just now starting to cultivate a community there. And you know what? I am finding it interesting, engaging and even (gasp!) easy to communicate with fellow book-lovers. Instead of dreading my “social media time” like a dental extraction, I’m looking forward to it each day.

Of course, I still haven’t quite figured out all the in’s and out’s of the platform yet. Which is why I was super excited to see that fellow Sister in Crime member and Guppies instructor, Sarah Pinneo, is holding a class called “Goodreads for Authors” starting September 21st. Guppies can find out more about the class and register by clicking here. *Note: You must be a member in order to access the information. 

J.P. Choquette lives and writes in northwestern Vermont. She likes long walks, sipping hot drinks and reading great suspense . . . but not all at the same time. If you’d like to exchange social networking woes or chat about scooter-riding, marking art from junk or writing, please visit her website or shoot her an email at

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5 Responses to Online Networking for the Social Media Perplexed

  1. Great post. And the “find something you like” is critical. Goodreads understanding is a great skill to have!

  2. jpchoquette says:

    Thanks J.A., Do you find that you have one or two “go to” social networking sites or do you tend to cover a wide range?

  3. Good think-about-it piece, J.P.! GoodReads is a powerful site for author/reader connections, and I like being able to have my blog pieces appear there automatically. I do my Facebook and Twitter bits at once via Hootsuite, as close to my morning walk as possible (assuming I’ve scheduled THAT). And the blog gets done when I really have something to say, once every couple of weeks usually — but linked right away to the other sites, so they all stay networked. Sounds like a great workshop ahead for you! Hope you’ll share your favorite new notion.

    • jpchoquette says:

      I like it, Beth–you have a good schedule going that works for you. It’s easy to waste a lot of time with social networking (at least for me) so a schedule like you have sounds like a great way to reign oneself in.

      Happy to share a few tips from my course. I misspoke though, the teacher is not a Guppy but is a Goodreads maven so I’m sure there will be lots to learn.

  4. Looking forward to hearing about this, J.P.!

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