This Week’s Challenge!

Plotshots Graphic Draft

Sharpen your wits and your pens on this week’s writing prompt! Write and post right here a crime story of no more than 150 words based the following photo:

Three Men

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3 Responses to This Week’s Challenge!

  1. carenksr says:

    The rangers bent over the small body, unclear of what to do. The attack was brutal. Coyotes were active, but the bite was all wrong. Wolves weren’t the culprit either. John picked up the animal for closer inspection, while Michael photographed the remains. Rumors were flying about the locals not liking the ranch and the changes it was making to the local environment. They were angry, but peaceful. What would they gain from destroying the livestock that would eventually save the local economy. At least that was the hope. For now they would collect the evidence and send it down to the lab, maybe they could make sense of it.

  2. mowalsh says:

    The Adventure of the UFO

    Frank and Chet gingerly handled the object, while Joe took a photograph. But even with the photo, Chief Collier accused the chums of a hoax!
    “We saw a strange light, honest!” Frank exclaimed. “And that metal fell off a spaceship. See, it spells v-e-n-u- and a broken ‘s.’ Venus!”
    “Where is it now, Mr. Smarty Hardy?” the chief demanded.
    “Where we found it,” Joe said earnestly. “We didn’t want to disturb the evidence.”
    “What have you got to say?” demanded the chief, glaring at Chet. “You see this spaceship, too?”
    Their freckle-faced chum blushed and stammered, “N-n-n-no, chief. I saw the light, but I thought it was an airplane.”
    “From Venus?” the chief snorted.
    “N-n-n-no,” Chet protested. “From the airport. And that metal, well, it looks like it’s from an old Chrysler, a Fifth Avenue.”
    “Oh, Chet,” Joe said sadly, as Frank shook his head. “You’ll never make a sleuth.”

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