SinC New England Mystery Photo of the Week!

Mo-WalshThanks to Maureen “Mo” Walsh, Sisters in Crime New England has a stash of photos — some of which have become true mysteries with time! Here’s one from Mo’s collection; can you name the event, guess the date, or name some or all of the five people in the photo? Bonus applause if you know what they are writing!

Amateur Sleuths Panel


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10 Responses to SinC New England Mystery Photo of the Week!

  1. hankpryan says:

    Hmmm…I can certianly name those people–easy peazy! But the event..hmmm..something in COnnecticut?

  2. Hank, good try! I’ll let Mo tell you how close you are on the event … 🙂

  3. Rhonda Lane says:

    Looks like Murder 203 creds, said the lady who’s a hoarder of credentials for every event she attends. Maybe they were on a panel together?

  4. That was my guess–Murder 203, with Katherine Hall-Page, Roberta Isleib (now Lucy Burdette), Karen Olson, Con Lehane and Rosemary Harris!

  5. JanetReid says:

    Oh I remember this. It was karaoke at Miss Ryan’s School for Wayward Girls Homecoming night. I think Mr. Lehane was there to make sure none of the ladies ended up in the hoosegow (again). Or failing that, to provide cash for bail. I myself was a mere wisp of a girl way back then so please don’t ask why I was there.

  6. Janet Reid, you’re exactly right! i can remember calling karen that morning to see if we could coordinate outfits…

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