Social Media for YA Authors — Facebook, “Like a Pro”

I dearly love my personal Facebook page. Although I’m more private than many, it’s the place where I share photos from morning walks, tuck in scraps of research or poems, dream of characters, and most of all, connect with friends, in Vermont and around the world.

But at the most recent Sisters in Crime New England gatherings, I heard something that got me thinking: If you’re going to take your writing seriously — be a writing “pro” — then you need an author Facebook page. Because writing is your business … right?

Today was the day I cleared the decks and did it: put up an author page on Facebook. I’m still feeling a tad conflicted about it, but I know it makes sense. And, since I have photos and book covers in easy-to-find files on my computer, it took about five creative minutes to do the page. (On your Home Facebook page, look for the little clock gear that opens to a menu that  includes “create a page.”)

It’s clear that I’ll be using this page differently. My goal for now will be, get something onto it at least once a week — and start keeping a file of “clippings” that are items I might want to share in that form, so that if I want to post more often, I won’t spend much of my scarce writing time doing it. Given that time is tight, though, why AM I doing this?

1. I trust the person who said “Take your writing seriously enough to put up an author page.” (She’s someone who matters to me, and I think she has sound judgment.)

2. As a writer, I’d almost always prefer to close the door, turn off connections, and pound the keyboard … so it will be good for me to get some balance (I hope).

3. (You knew the YA — young adult — part was coming, right?) Here’s what I teach teens about writing: The first draft is for you, to enjoy putting it on paper (or computer). The second draft (if you go to this stage) is to share with a friend. By the time you do the third draft, you’re thinking of people who might even be strangers reading what you’ve written. So you have to think about them and welcome them into the story. — I plan to welcome readers with my author page. Does that make sense to you?

But all this has been a bit one-sided. So here is a Facebook author page to look at from “Sister” mystery writer Leslie Meier — what do you see Leslie doing here? What appeals to you about it? And will it inspire you to create (or nourish) a Facebook Author Page soon?

COMING ON SATURDAY: Diane MacKinnon shares the goods from Hallie Ephron’s recent SinC Crime Bake master class, Anatomy of a Bestseller. Lots to look forward to!

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My life is always a three-strand braid: love for Vermont, love of mysteries, and the need to write (and write better and better). Come visit and chat at any of my blogs and posts -- there's a big wonderful world of writing and reading, and we're in it together.
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