Social Media for YA Mystery Authors — and Others!

I think it’s important, at least for my own sanity, to spend more time writing than promoting. Honestly, I’d rather just write. But today, every author has at least some responsibility for getting a book to its readers beyond the typing stage. So I try to keep my promotion targets manageable and effective. At least that way I SinC New England Mysteriescan feel good about what I do for outreach!

Young adult (YA) mystery authors have a special challenge in the promotional world of social media. Unless you want to tweet or post on Facebook in the voice of your protagonist — sure, you can do that if you really want to, but it might not last for long — a YA author is talking across generations.

Lynda Bouchard, “Chief Inspiration Officer” at Booking Authors Ink, a boutique PR firm for authors, suggests imagining a perfect audience of one reader: for YA, of course, choose a teen. Then keep this in mind: “You only need a few passionate readers to do your marketing for you! Energy grows. Find a pocket of readers who are interested in the same thing you are and focus.”

How does that translate to use of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs? I’m going to cover one area at a time — along with tips for beginners, and some examples of YA authors using these media with skill. Watch this column on Sundays for the next few weeks.

Are you already a social media pro, as well as a mystery author or dedicated YA mystery reader/writer? You still might want to know more about how scheduling and wording affect your “stats” — so check out this infographic from the promo experts at “Where Writers Win.”

“Sharing is caring,” says one of my favorite YA readers. If you have a favorite tip for social media with mysteries in mind, would you share it as a comment here? Thanks!

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My life is always a three-strand braid: love for Vermont, love of mysteries, and the need to write (and write better and better). Come visit and chat at any of my blogs and posts -- there's a big wonderful world of writing and reading, and we're in it together.
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