New publisher for suspense, mystery, and thrillers

I just learned about this the other day and wanted to share.

Witness Impulse is a new imprint from William Morrow/HarperCollins that publishes suspense and thriller digital originals. It launched September 1st.

All authors start with 25% royalties. It expands to 50% after 10,000 copies sold. And royalties are paid monthly.

They have an online submission process/form.

They are seeking stories of at least 10,000 words in these categories:

  • Police procedurals
  • Atmospheric thrillers
  • Mystery series
  • Psychological suspense
  • Historicals
  • Murder, mayhem, and the macabre

Here is their Facebook page:

And their website:

If you give them a shot, please let us know your experience!



About Lisa Haselton

Lisa Haselton has had several short mystery stories published and has a couple of novels in various stages of completion. She always enjoys learning new tidbits about other writers, and takes great pride as an editor when working with writers on polishing their manuscripts. She's living a life around her passions for writing, photography, volunteering, and anything related to New England, particularly New Hampshire.
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4 Responses to New publisher for suspense, mystery, and thrillers

  1. Maureen Milliken says:

    I’ll submit today and let you know what happens. Thanks for the tip, Lisa!

  2. I submitted to this today and first of all, they have a submission form, which I always love. Takes some of the anxiety out of the process. They ask for a synopsis, your best scene or opening scene, your query letter and the manuscript. They give character limits on everything but the manuscript, but they are very generous ones.
    Keep in mind that this new publishing company is digital first — that doesn’t mean they won’t publish you on ink and paper, but the focus is on the digital. If you want the traditional experience (although who does? And these days that means an email folder full of rejections), it may not be for you.
    My belief, though, is it’s a new world and if we want to get published we need to get on board or get out of the road. I will let you all know what happens — good, bad or ugly.

  3. Thanks to both of you, Lisa and Maureen, for sharing this info!

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