Resource for writers – live chats every Sunday night

If you’d look to meet published authors, connect with other writers, or just have something new online to do on Sunday or Wednesday evenings, I can recommend The Writer’s Chatroom (TWC).

I’ve been a moderator for the past 5 or so years and I swear it just keeps getting better and better. As a mystery writer and fan, myself, I love booking mystery authors, especially those from SinCNE, SinC, and MWA. Most recently, Edith Maxwell/Tace Baker, Steve Ulfelder, Rosemary Harris, and Roberta Isleib/Lucy Burdette.

Most Sunday evenings we have a ‘celebrity’ chat from 7-9PM. And I say ‘most’ because once a quarter we take a Sunday for a live critique chat (get 300 words of your WIP critiqued on the spot!), occasionally we have a live prompt chat (show up with your muse to respond to several writing prompts during the 2-hour evening), and in December we have our annual goal setting chat to help you prepare for a new year of writing goals.

Celebrity chats are akin to bookstore events – where you go to a bookstore to see an author and ask him or her questions. TWC Sunday night chats are moderated and chatters get in a queue to ask questions of the author, publisher, editor, freelance writer, short story writer, publicist, whatever-type-of-writing-professional we have in the hot seat —  from the comfort of their own homes.

JeriWestersonThis past Sunday, I moderated ‘medieval noir’ author Jeri Westerson. Her 7th 14th century knight-turned-PI Crispin Guest novel is releasing in October. In addition to writing (including being a contributor to Poe’s Deadly Daughters blog), Jeri also does speaking engagements around the country demonstrating her vast collection of medieval weaponry. This photo is from her website — she’s in full armor with her favorite weapon — looks like she has a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Our audience is international and covering all the US time zones. It’s always a good time, and there’s usually a giveaway from the guest at half-time. It’s also free and there’s no registration needed. You can easily get on the mailing list, though, to get reminders of what’s coming up.

Every Wednesday evening is an Open (unmoderated) Chat from 8-10 PM EST. There is usually a specific topic to chat about for the first hour and then free chat for the second hour. What’s more fun for a writer than to talk shop with other writers, right?

The chatroom also has a discussion board forum for connecting with other writers. There are conversations you can participate in and if you’re looking, for example, to find a critique partner, this is a place to go.

generic_101BestSitesThe Writer’s Chatroom has been listed in Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers 5 times. Our reach continually expands, and we get multipublished authors, as well as NYT best sellers, too. Here’s a list of our past guests. I bet you’ll recognize a name or two.

Here’s a look at the next few weeks. You can see the full schedule here.

The Chatroom is a fun place for writers of all genres and of all levels along their writing journey.

If you stop in, make sure to say ‘hi’ and tell me you read this blog. I’d love to show you around and introduce you to people.


About Lisa Haselton

Lisa Haselton has had several short mystery stories published and has a couple of novels in various stages of completion. She always enjoys learning new tidbits about other writers, and takes great pride as an editor when working with writers on polishing their manuscripts. She's living a life around her passions for writing, photography, volunteering, and anything related to New England, particularly New Hampshire.
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