Why do I kept going back to the New England Crime Bake?

By Judy Copek

My twelfth year and the anticipation is still strong. How can that be? Many things: connecting with old friends, a whole weekend of talking about writing, thinking about writing, new ideas about writing, buying books, going to seminars, hearing what the agents are saying. The panels, the pizza, and schmoozing at the bar. It’s always new and yet it’s always familiar. And you’ll go home inspired to finish that manuscript.

Got my banquet costume already! You wouldn’t believe how old that tropical print dress is. Writers are a zany bunch, and when quiet people don costumes, watch out!

There’s always the possibility you’ll connect with your dream agent. You’re sure to be inspired by others’ success. People are friendly. You can network like mad or sit in front of the cozy fireplace with your laptop. Crime Bake has something for everyone. Get your manuscript critiqued and learn some forensics. Learn, laugh, live it up! The Dedham Hilton is a great host. That’s why we return year after year. Did I mention that Crime Bake is fun? Hope to see you there.

Judy Copek Bio:

001_JudyinParisCopyOccasionally Judy takes a vacation that spins off into a novel. World of Mirrors was born when Judy and her husband visited the Baltic island of Rugen shortly after the reunification of East and West Germany. Time stood still on the idyllic island, yet all the elements of suspense were there: the Soviet Navy, ex-Stasi, Vietnamese “guest workers,” a dog that had formerly patrolled the Wall, and bad vibes from the days of the DDR.

Judy is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, New England PEN and Toastmasters International. She has published poems, short stories and memoir as well as an earlier novel, The Shadow Warriors.

About Julie Hennrikus aka Julia Henry

One woman, three names, many books. As Julia Henry she writes the Garden Squad series for Kensington. As J.A. Hennrikus she writes the Theater Cop series, and as Julianne Holmes she wrote the Clock Shop series. Click on my profile picture to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram! @JHAuthors
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3 Responses to Why do I kept going back to the New England Crime Bake?

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Judy! And I would like to add that it’s a huge motivator to use who are working on mystery novels. This will be my sixth, and it’s my favorite weekend of the year and the number one push I needed six years ago to get started. I wouldn’t miss it!

  2. Amen! It’s my sixth as well, and I wasn’t even a mystery writer the first time I went. I was looking for an affordable writer’s conference that was “off season” since I was running a B&B back then. It was such a great conference I “converted” to writing mysteries and have never looked back. Can’t wait to see everyone again!

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