SinCNE Reading Weekend March 23-24

Back by Popular Demand
The 2nd Annual SinCNE Reading Weekend
March 23-24

We’ve designated March 23-24 as our 2nd Annual SinCNE Reading Weekend and we need at least one member in each state to step forward by Feb. 23 to organize this fun event in his or her state. This will be an energizing and exciting event that will connect you with SinCNE members in your state, potential SinCNE members, and readers.

As coordinator, you choose either Saturday, March 23, or Sunday, March 24, the starting time and secure a venue – it can be a private home, library, bookstore, coffee house, community center, meeting room, etc.  We’ll send you a suggested email template to send to fellow SinCNE members in your state from the list we provide, as well as a news release template you can use to promote the event in your local media outlets. Each state event also will be listed and promoted on our web site, Facebook page and via Twitter.

The usual format has been to allot five minutes to each reader to give a brief synopsis of their work and then read aloud to enthusiastic applause. No feedback is offered within the group – this is for the readers to practice and listeners to enjoy the creative efforts of their fellow writers – although, of course, everyone should feel free to offer supportive comments privately.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your fellow SinCNE members, meet new ones, promote our great organization to potential members and readers, and just have FUN! Last year’s Reading Weekend was a huge success and with your help, this year’s promises to be even better.

If you are willing to take on this onetime task to support our SinCNE community, email Sharon Daynard  by February 23.

 “I am part of all I have read.”

                                                  ―John Kicran

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