What Are You Wearing?

Sharon Daynard and I met recently to talk about the New England Crime Bake Banquet. Needless to say, plans are afoot. She wrote this post about her ideas for this year’s theme, Femmes Fatales and Lady Killers.


With the lazy days of summer dwindling to a close and fall peeking over the horizon, I find myself in Crime Bake costume mode. Just thinking about the possibilities for the Femmes Fatales and Lady Killers Banquet and Costume party has me grinning from ear to ear.

I donned a red hooded cape and blood-smeared white apron when I pulled a severed wolf’s head from my picnic basket at the Creatures of the Night costume party in 2010. I took second place in the Most Hell-arious category. First place went to a blood-hungry lobster wearing a black cape and fangs.

For last year’s Sleuths, Spies, & Private Eyes event I went the Murder She Wrote route, but not as the beloved JB Fletcher everyone in Cabot Cove turned to to solve the town’s seemingly endless string of murders. I went as Jessica Fletcher some years down the road, after the town folk had gotten their fill of bodies piling up and that unrelenting tapping of her fingers on the typewriter at all hours of the day and night. Undaunted by her downward spiral in public opinion polls, my Jessica Fletcher wore her favorite Cabot Cove sweatshirt and a HONK IF YOU ♥ HOMICIDE bumper sticker plastered across her backside. With a rather loud bicycle horn, she let everyone who asked know just how much she adored murder. I doubt, however, she was aware of the KICK ME – OUT OF TOWN noticed tacked to the back of her top.

So this year do I go all-out glam as Jessica Rabbit in a slinky red-sequined gown, mile-high stilettos, flamed red wig, and a white rabbit draped over my arm? Or do I take a walk on the dark side as Annie Wilkes from Misery? Nah, an axe-wielding Annie just about stole the show last year as she skulked about the ballroom in her flannel shirt and sweatpants.

I suppose I couldn’t go wrong in a classic black and white combo. I could let my salt-and-pepper hair go wild, smear red lipstick across my yap, and go as Cruella de Vil. Here’s hoping the judges are cat lovers…


It isn’t too late to add the Banquet and Costume party to your Crime Bake registration. And though costumes are optional, they are a lot of fun. What are you thinking about?


About JH Authors

J.A. (Julie) Hennrikus writes the Clock Shop Mystery Series (JUST KILLING TIME (2015), CLOCK AND DAGGER (2016), CHIME AND PUNISHMENT(2017)) under the name Julianne Holmes, the Theater Cop series (A CHRISTMAS PERIL(2017)) as J.A. Hennrikus, and the upcoming Garden Squad series as Julia Henry. Julie is an arts administrator and arts advocate. She tweets her writing life as @JHAuthors, and her other life as @JulieHennrikus. She is on Instagram as @JAHenn. Her website is jahennrikus.com, and she blogs with WickedCozyAuthors.com and KillerCharacters.com.
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One Response to What Are You Wearing?

  1. Nancy Gardner says:

    Thanks for getting me thinking early, Julie. I always end up confused because I wait too long to decide….

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