Thinking about New Models

This is going to be a short post. I am the ED of an arts service organziation for the theater community called StageSource. This week Boston is hosting a national theater conference, and I am on the host committee. Needless to say, my days are full.

The theme of the conference is “model the movement”, which means it is about looking at new models for creating theater and theater organizations. The conversations are not unlike the conversations I listen to at writers’ conferences about the publishing world. The old models work for a few, but not for most. The ability to support fully as a theater artist is as challenging as it is for writers. Barriers of entry are lower for the individual, but there is a lot of negotiating best practices. The paradigm is shifting, and it hard to tell how it is all going to sort itself out.

A convening like this year’s TCG conference in Boston, with 1000 people meeting to talk, is an opportunity. But I suspect the real opportunity will come after the conference, when we have follow up conversations and try to implement some of the changes we’ve been talking about. And create best practices.

Once I have recovered from this conference, I will write a post about how some of these conversations may apply to our community here at SinCNE. I suspect many of them will, in different ways. Stay tuned. And for a preview, follow the hashtag #TCG12 on Twitter.

Sorry for the short post. More to come…


About JH Authors

J.A. (Julie) Hennrikus writes the Clock Shop Mystery Series (JUST KILLING TIME (2015), CLOCK AND DAGGER (2016), CHIME AND PUNISHMENT(2017)) under the name Julianne Holmes, the Theater Cop series (A CHRISTMAS PERIL(2017)) as J.A. Hennrikus, and the upcoming Garden Squad series as Julia Henry. Julie is an arts administrator and arts advocate. She tweets her writing life as @JHAuthors, and her other life as @JulieHennrikus. She is on Instagram as @JAHenn. Her website is, and she blogs with and
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4 Responses to Thinking about New Models

  1. Beth Kanell says:

    Great post — sometimes short is perfect. I’m trying out a new model, too: one from reading Seth Godin’s book “Tribes.” So far, it’s blossoming nicely as the Vermont Book Shelf, a loose but enthusiastic collaboration of Vermont fiction writers: — At a time when what we thought publishers would do for books has resolved into publicity for mostly the top sellers, our state-level discovery is that together, in a modest-sized group, we can promote each other’s work, as well as develop vibrant relationships as colleagues. In some ways, writing MUST be a solitary effort — but presenting our books to our readers can have many forms. SinC has demonstrated this, time and again. We learn from what’s worked.

  2. Nancy Gardner says:

    Have fun, Julie! Sounds like you’re learning a lot.

  3. edithmaxwell says:

    Food for thought, as always, Julie. Thanks.

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