Thank you Dana Cameron for Introducing Me to SinCNE

When I was first mucking around with writing a mystery, I took a class at Harvard Extension School taught by Abigail Padgett about the very topic. She was not a cozy writer, but three of us were. She spent a class talking about the business, and suggested strongly that we go to a conference. “You three,” she said, “need to go to Malice.” And so my friend Regina and I signed up, and went the next spring.

And aside–these were pre-Crime Bake days. Abby would have made us field trip to Crime Bake.

Abby also talked about Sisters in Crime, but we felt like that was a next step. The list of founders, and of members, that she reeled off were models and apsirations for our craft and careers, but we weren’t even close to being ready.

Malice Domestic is a huge conference in Bethesda, Maryland that celebrates the traditional mystery. Though it is packed with writers, it is a fan conference with tons of panels. When Regina and I checked in they give us a bag full of books. And after the panels, we bought more. In order to help solve flight problems, they also had a mail station set up so folks could ship some books home. I was visiting my mystery loving mother and sister after the conference, so I didn’t need to ship, I just needed to lend. But Regina had to ship. The first thing she said when found me later was “we need to join Sisters in Crime.”

She went on to say that she had met the New England Vice President, Dana Cameron, while waiting in line. Then she saw Dana, called her over, and told her to tell me about Sisters in Crime. And Dana did. She told me about the mentoring, about the support, and that I was welcome in the organization. Welcome now. I didn’t need to wait.

When I went to my first meeting, Dana was there. I reminded her where we had met, and she pretended to remember. Then she asked me how my writing was going. And she seemed interested in the answer.

That is Sisters in Crime. A published author talking to an aspiring fan at a conference. Encouragement. Support. Community. It makes all the difference, at least it has for me.

Last weekend Dana Cameron was the Toastmaster at Malice Domestic. And she won an Agatha for her short story “Disarming”. So this post is in part to congratulate our Sister in Crime. But it is also to thank her for introducing me to Sisters in Crime, and our chapter.



About JH Authors

J.A. (Julie) Hennrikus writes the Clock Shop Mystery Series (JUST KILLING TIME (2015), CLOCK AND DAGGER (2016), CHIME AND PUNISHMENT(2017)) under the name Julianne Holmes, the Theater Cop series (A CHRISTMAS PERIL(2017)) as J.A. Hennrikus, and the upcoming Garden Squad series as Julia Henry. Julie is an arts administrator and arts advocate. She tweets her writing life as @JHAuthors, and her other life as @JulieHennrikus. She is on Instagram as @JAHenn. Her website is, and she blogs with and
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4 Responses to Thank you Dana Cameron for Introducing Me to SinCNE

  1. edithmaxwell says:

    What a lovely tribute to a great writer. I have also benefited tremendously from the generosity of New England Sisters (and Brothers) in Crime. And congratulations again to Dana!

  2. Dana Cameron says:

    Oh, Julie! Thank you, thank you so much! SinC/NE and SinC National have done so many wonderful things for so many sisters and brothers. I felt that sense of encouragement and support from the first member I met and the first meeting I attended; SinC’s positive influence can’t be overstated! Congratulations to you, for the role you’re playing in SinC now, continuing that tradition! Write on!
    (And thank you, Edith!)

  3. Nancy Gardner says:

    I totally agree about the wonderful support Sisters In Crime provides. I, too, have received encouragement beyond measure. Thanks, Julie.

  4. patremick says:

    Let me add to the chorus here about the great support from SinCNE and all its members. And also let me add to the chorus singing the praises of Ms. Dana Cameron!!

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