Facebook Timeline

by Julie Hennrikus

I heard the moans, and saw the reactions on my Facebook feed. Timeline is here.

This blog post offers some tips on taming timeline, and so other resources.

All of you should have a Facebook page at this point. Our January meeting with Shawn Nicholls spent a lot of time talking about the benefits of a Facebook page, which include:

  • You can control your content by posting what you want.
  • People can “like” your page without having to friend you. As privacy concerns grow, that is helpful for you and for your readers/fans. Friends have access to your personal information, which can be of concern.
  • Readers can talk to each other via your fan page by reacting to a post. So engagement is high.
  • You can have help administering your page, so it isn’t all up to you.
  • Your page can be tagged by other pages. Personal profiles can’t.
  • Profiles are limited to 5000 friends. Pages have no limits.
  • You can use the huge variety of measurement tools and advertising options Facebook offers.

So now to timeline. True confessions, I am still playing with it myself, and I have worked past the “I hate this” stage and am now in the “well, that’s pretty cool” phase. But adapt we must, because March 30 Facebook is flipping the switch.

Timeline offers is a visual mapping of your “brand”. That can include anything you want it to–publication dates, classes, awards. You can also add some of the public “you” moments you are willing to share.

Some of the 123s:

  • The coverpage photo is 851 by 315 pixels. There are a lot of ways of getting/creating this image. A google search brings up examples, and options. You can also upload a picture you like, choose it and reposition the picture so it works. Here’s the 123 of cover images via Facebook.
  • The profile picture is 180 by 180 pixels and scales to 30 x 30 on people’s newsfeed. Some people are doing really interesting things with the juxtaposition of these two images. But for now, use your headshot.
  • You can include three other views and apps to add to the top of your page. How to’s will be forthcoming.
  • You can pin a post to the top of your timeline, and it will stay on the top for 7 days. This is done by hovering over the upper right hand corner and clicking on the pencil image.

More to come, but hope this gets you started on Facebook Timeline.

About Julie Hennrikus aka Julia Henry

One woman, three names, many books. As Julia Henry she writes the Garden Squad series for Kensington. As J.A. Hennrikus she writes the Theater Cop series, and as Julianne Holmes she wrote the Clock Shop series. Click on my profile picture to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram! @JHAuthors
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9 Responses to Facebook Timeline

  1. barbaraross says:

    Hi Julie

    I’ve taken the plunge, but I’m very curious about the apps. Your next blog post?

  2. G.M. Malliet says:

    I’ve yet to switch to a fan page as opposed to a friend page. I like to wait until everything’s a crisis. But I didn’t realize this posed a problem in terms of anyone’s privacy. So it looks like I’ll have to revisit this issue.

    I do like the appearance of the new timeline (I used my book cover as the background – http://www.facebook.com/g.m.malliet ) but somehow I find it less easy to read with things split into two columns.

    • GM,

      There is a way to convert your profile to a fan page. I will research that and post at some point. You could do that, and then create a personal profile for your friends and family. It is a really good idea for privacy, and also promotion.

      BTW, your timeline looks fab!


  3. Judy C says:


    This is so helpful. I’m looking forward to more how-tos and ideas for the timeline, which I find puzzling, but haven’t really researched. Nice to knw there are other views at the top of the page. I already have some ideas for that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Julie, this is a well done introduction to the timeline. I’m looking forward to reading your continuing posts on this topic

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