Brave New World of Social Media Marketing

 By Nancy Gardner

Ever since my father gave me that pink portable Smith Corona in high school, I’ve been a sucker for new technology. For Pete’s sake, I’m the crazy person who has to decide whether to pack her netbook or iPad or Kindle.

Enter the technology for social media marketing. And, for the first time I can remember, I find myself refusing to make the leap.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no qualms about social media. It’s a wonderful way to connect with family and friends. That’s why I have a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

My personal Facebook page was a no-brainer. I simply followed the example of my grown kids. And I’ve got no regrets. What a delight to instantly access and publicly comment on family and friends’ photos and postings. And thank you, Facebook, for making it so darned simple to connect with new friends and reconnect with old ones.

I’ve even purchased a URL, which waits patiently for the time when I might want to publish my own blog or website. TIP: Don’t wait too long to get your URL. When I went shopping for mine, the one I wanted,, was taken!

But entering the brave new world of social media marketing is a different matter, even though I’m told that creating and publishing a Facebook Fan page is easy enough, and it’s free.

Why am I holding back? Because expending effort here would give me one more excuse to avoid the hard work of finishing my novel. So, for now, I choose to focus on driving a solid manuscript through to completion.

Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not saying my choice is right for everyone. What’s your take on this brave new world?



About Nancy Gardner

Nancy Gardner’s short stories have been published in magazines, anthologies and online. Currently she’s working on a mystery set in Salem Massachusetts and featuring a present-day Salem witch who uses her ability to walk into the dreams of others to learn their secrets and solve crime.
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2 Responses to Brave New World of Social Media Marketing

  1. edithmaxwell says:

    I am one of the ones all over Facebook and sometimes immersed in Twitter. I think it helps raise my profile even before my books get out there. But this last weekend, while I was on a writing retreat for a few days, I purposely did not linger in facebook. I zipped in with a couple of quick posts and got out just as quickly. It can really suck the time out of your day!

    I blog every week ( and, while I don’t get huge hits, it keeps me in practice and keeps me out in public. I think we just have to accept that this is the world we’re in. At least until the next world shows up!

  2. Nancy Gardner says:

    Ah, Edith. Makes sense! Loved reading about your book deal at
    Once again, congrats!

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